About NBI Repository

NBI has generated transparent, unbiased and credible knowledge and information, which is available to all and increasingly shared through web based platforms namely; the Nile Information System, virtual libraries, website, Nile Basin Decision Support (NB-DSS) Community Portal, Nile Basin Water Resources Atlas, State of the Nile River.

This Knowlege Repository built on DSpace. Dspace is continuously undergoing further development to enhance its functionality in response to users’ changing information needs as well as the need to adopt new emerging technologies for better knowledge services and products. The repository is interoperable with other repositories and supports discoverability and re-usability of the content by complying with Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) standards. This Knowledge repository uses a qualified Dublin Core metadata set that maps MARC21 metadata to Simple Dublin Core,and MODS metadata sets exposed through the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) protocol.

One significant development of this KR is that of this KR replicates or mirrors to enable participation by the three centers namely, NILE-SEC,NELSAP-CU and ENTRO.

The key individuals involved included:

  • Azeb Mersha (ENTRO) ― Organizes and lead the project.
  • Tirsit Endashow(ENTRO) ― involved in all content management actvities and developments.
  • Sisay Webshet (ILRI) ― set up and deploy the repository,
  • Vivien Niyomugenga and Juliet Nakasagga brought the collaboration forward

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