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    Impact Assessment of Eastern Nile Watershed Interventions for Scaling Up Country Report Ethiopia
    This impact assessment study of the Eastern Nile Watershed Interventions for scaling up refers to the natural resource-biophysical and socioeconomic-livelihoods impact assessment of the TBIWRDP Sub-Component B1, here after referred Tana Beles watershed or the project . The Tana Beles watershed development sub component B1, had a specific goal and development objective of sustainable livelihoods and natural resource management systems in the Eastern Nile watershed through community participation and a development objective of improving the livelihoods of rural households living in upper catchments of Ribb, Gumera and Jema Watersheds through enhanced productivity and promotion of sustainable land use practices. The project objectives and goal remained highly relevant to the Government of Ethiopia’s development priorities, related to integrated watershed development. The study was confined to the Lake Tana sub Basin within the Ribb, Gumera, and Jemma watersheds, in five micro-watersheds (Baskura, Enguli, Enkulal, Kentai, and Zefie), located in Amhara Regional State. The present impact assessment study field work for scaling up has been carried out from 17-25 March, 2019.
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    Economic assessment of Lower Barowetland ecosystem services as an input for the development of wetland management plan
    The key objective of this call by Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) is to conduct economic assessment of wetland ecosystem services as an input green infrastructure planning and development for the lower Baro Wetlands: To review documents to identify study finding and recommendations from BAS and TEEB related studies in the Lower Baro wetland system,To develop a preliminary Lower Baro wetland system map and recent period land use land cover (ecosystem account) map,To conduct a preliminary assessment of the ecosystem status and valuationof ecosystem services of the Lower Baro wetland system,To present the findings of the Lower Baro wetland system preliminary ecosystem services assessment and mappingof ecosystem accounts to NBI stakeholders.